My story

Keep releasing. Keep becoming. Keep vibrating higher daily.

Something that has always subconsciously occupied me in my life is wanting to meet other people’s expectations. I only did things that gave me immediate recognition from the outside. I lived on that: I didn’t know any better. Until the moment that the relationship with my ex, with whom I was together for 12 years and with whom I have two children, ended quite abruptly. All of a sudden I was ‘fired’ from my role as partner and father of the family. I was thrown back on myself. Something I did not know and experienced as very uncomfortable.

Me and the Other

In my search for Who Am I In Relation To The Other I came to the insight that I had no answer. I derived my identity from what the other thought of me. Because I had already read and followed many books and courses on personal development, I already knew that you can only love someone else if you have first learned to love yourself. I knew that very well with my mind, but I didn’t really know .

I intensified my time commitment to meditation, sports, training, therapy and lifestyle. And gradually the realization dawned on me that my emotions and my thoughts are simply sources of information and that I have the choice to deal with them the way I want to. It’s just what I believe about myself that eventually becomes truth. Listening to guided meditations and music with positive mantras has helped me a lot. Slowly, I began to reprogram my own beliefs.

The Daily Mantra idea

Via Google I came across the studies of Dr. Masaro Emoto, who conducted experiments in the 1990s examining the effects of words, prayers and music on the crystalline structure of water. He got amazing results and I wanted to know more about it. For example, I came across more studies that showed the effect of positive mantras on the experience of well-being.

And so the idea slowly arose to set up the Daily Mantra label. With the aim of making clothes with positive mantras printed on them that feed your system by simply wearing and believing in them. By printing the mantras in mirror image on the shirts, the text is directed towards yourself, instead of outwards, which gives it an extra dimension and a nice visual effect.

For me, Daily Mantra is an amalgamation of many things that I find important: I believe in the philosophy behind it, I can put my creativity into it, I contribute to a more sustainable world and I hope to be able to inspire others by experience the power of believing in yourself. I hope it feeds you as much as it feeds me.

Thank you for supporting my philosophy.


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